Flag Pole Maintenance Plan

Here at Z Flag Store we have taken on a new journey of installing, repairing and maintaining our local customers flag poles.  We have developed a maintenance plan for those customers who love having a flag pole, but would rather not deal with the maintenance/repair. Our maintenance plans can be scheduled for 1x, 2x or 3x a year.  All plans include:

  1. A fresh new Eder flag every visit
  2. New halyard (if needed)
  3. New clips (if needed)
  4. Our flag pole installer doing all the work for you

Maintenance Plan-Residential:

1x a year

  • 20 ft. pole:  $75.00 a year

  • 25 ft. pole: $100.00 a year


2x a year

  • 20 ft. pole: $140.00

  • 25 ft. pole: $180.00


Maintenance Plan-Commercial

2x a year

  • 30 ft. pole: $275.00

  • 35 ft. pole: $355.00

  • 40 ft. pole: $495.00

3x a year

  • 30 ft. pole: $320.00

  • 35 ft. pole: $400.00

  • 40 ft. pole: $555.00

*Any repairs that are needed outside the listed items above will have additional costs.  Nothing will be fixed or  charged without customer approval*